More Fun With Aunt Corinne and Grandma – Mary’s Playpen

March 27th, 2007 More Fun With Aunt Corinne and Grandma

Aunt Corinne on her knees bowing her head to Mary.  Corinne has a ribbon crown on and Mary is reaching up for it.These are more pictures from my fun time with Grandma Marasco and Aunt Corinne. Here you can see that Aunt Corinne and I had fun playing princesses. In this picture she is wearing the crown. I didn’t like wearing it as much as grabbing it from her head and giving it back to her. I think that a Queen shouldn’t have to wear a crown if she doesn’t want to.

Mary behind the hippo with her head back, laughing, and enjoying herself as she pushes the hippo forward.  Grandma is in the background.Mary in the foreground of the picture but just as a blur because she is moving so fast.  You can see mommy and Aunt Corinne laughing to each other in the background. Here Grandma and I are having a whole lot of fun with the hippo. This is currently my favorite toy and I love to chase every one to catch them and then bang into them with the hippo. They try to get away but I am really fast. Sometimes you can’t even see me on camera because I move so fast that I am just a blur.

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