They Call Me Miss Helpful – Mary’s Playpen

July 19th, 2007 They Call Me Miss Helpful

Lately I have been carrying tons of things around the house (don’t worry I always bend at the knees). I like to be helpful. Yup, if it’s a chair you need pushed from the dining room into the kitchen, a stool that needs to be moved and dropped into the entryway, or garbage that needs to be removed from the garbage can, I’m your gal.

Mommy rewards me with zerberts.

Mary carrying her Mary stool around Mommy holding Mary and blowing zerberts on her belly while Mary laughs.

Oh and then the other day I was totally telling daddy all about my day and I was trying to say the word prestidigitation (I always have troubles with that one) and suddenly I realized that my pants were down. Ooops.

Mary standing at her toy, her upper body turned towards the camera and her mouth open talking to it.  Her pants are down and her onesie is unsnapped and her diaper is off.  Mommy is behind her.

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