Gymnastics Week – Tuesday – Mary’s Playpen

August 28th, 2007 Gymnastics Week – Tuesday

Another day in my gymnastics routine. They are teaching me to climb a ladder. Maybe I’ll be a fireman, or firewoman, whatever is politically correct today.

Mary climbing a ladder. Mary climbing up an inclined ladder.

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2 Responses to “Gymnastics Week – Tuesday”

  1. Grandma Bridgie Says:

    Wow – What a woman . To think you can do all that IN A SKIRT !! Someday Mommy can teach you how to run in heels while carrying weighted shopping bags . I think it’s a “lympic” event too, which makes Mommy a gold medalist !

  2. mary Says:

    Yeah Grandma. I am already practicing walking in high heels and carrying bags. I haven’t got running in high heels down yet but maybe soon.