Monthly Archives: July 2006

Nana and Papa

My Nana and Papa left today. I will miss them now that they are gone. But I get to see them at Christmas. How many minutes until Christmas?

My daddy is going to stay home with me for a month now. Man I have to entertain everyone. He says that I can start daycare in three weeks.

Bless Me

This baptism thing must have worked. Today I learned that everytime I sneeze my Mommy and Daddy will say “Bless You” I spent a good two minutes faking some sneezes (amongst some real ones) this morning to test my theory. I must really be blessed.

My Daddy says I am.

My Robe

Mary laying on mommy and daddy's bed in her pink bunny robe that David, Debbie, Kailey, and Ashley got her. My mommy and daddy let me wear my new robe today. I think that they let me wear it because they didn’t want to get me dressed for my baptism right away. It was really fun and my daddy took some video [MP4, MPG, AVI]. Mommy said that my Aunt Debbie, Uncle David, and my cousins Kailey and Ashley got it for me. I don’t remember that, but I do remember their visit. It was fun.