Monthly Archives: December 2006


We were supposed to go to Pennsylvania today but we got delayed because of the snow storm we got here. It wasn’t too bad. I got to help daddy make pancakes and we played a lot today. We are leaving tomorrow morning. I can’t wait.

Sherri (aka. mommy) in front of a 3 foot snow drift that was against our garage door. Mary laying on the floor surrounded by cooking utensils

Winter Break

Sorry for no pictures over the past few days. I was sick and then I got my mommy and daddy sick and my daddy is the one who helps me pound the keyboard to get the pictures up on my blog.

On that note, I will note be posting much for the next two weeks. I will be going to my Nana and Poppa’s to see, like, my whole family. I will try to post photos as I can but I will be terrible busy entertaining everyone.

Here are my photos for the break, I was crawling around daycare so fast yesterday that I crawled right out of my pants. You can see them in the photo below behind me.

A shot, from above, of Mary crawling in her onsie with her pants behind her. Mary on the floor pushing her upper body up on her arms, holding a ring of plastic beads in her hands, smiling at the camera, with her pants behind her over her left shoulder.

I Am Sick Today

I got sick yesterday at daycare and I am still sick today. I threw up four times yesterday before I even got to the doctor. The doctor said that it could be the Roto-virus. I also threw up this morning. I don’t like that. Other than the food going the wrong way, I am in good spirits. Just a little tired.

Busy Day at School

I was trying to be interactive in school today and ask some questions. Later while playing I was so tired I fell asleep. Mommy says that it is because I am growing.

Mary sitting at the 'kids' table raising her hand as if asking a question. Mary laying in the middle of the floor in daycare asleep on her side surrounded by toys.

Learning to crawl.

Daycare sent home my report yesterday. They said that I am becoming a real “mover and a shaker”. I didn’t get a post out yesterday. I was busy.

Mary on her belly crawling towards mommy over the leg of her swing. Mary, asleep, propped up next to daddy with her right arm on his left leg slumped forward on the couch with her binkie in her mouth.