Monthly Archives: April 2007

Pretty Pink Dress

This Sunday it was nice out so I was allowed to wear my pretty pink dress. My Great Aunt Kathy gave it to me. Mommy says I look adorable in it.

Mary wailing with her pretty pink dress on. Mary with her pretty pink dress on and her binky in her mouth. Mommy holding Mary who is wearing her pretty pink dress.

More Teeth

Today I am playing with my mom and dad in the kitchen. You can see my new upper teeth in the first and last picture, and my two lower teeth in the middle picture.

Mary being held upside down by mommy.  You can see her two upper teeth. Mary standing at the refrigerator holding her magnetic letters. Mary crawling on the floor, daddy has pulled her backwards by her feet.  You can see her upper two teeth.

Presents For Me

My Aunt Debbie, Uncle David, and my cousins Ashley and Kailey sent me some presents for easter a little bit ago. This is a picture of me playing with my new dolly. I also got a neato little car that I like to chase around. It makes me laugh.

Mary sitting with mommy and her new dolly.

Working Out

I worked out a little with mommy, watched some TV, and then just hung around in my hip outfit, lookin’ good.

Mary in her workout outfit in front of the Suisse ball Mary eating the TV remote. Mary with mommy.  Mary's hat is tilted sideways because she is pulling on it.  It looks kind of hip hop.


Daddy and I wrestle sometimes. I pin him a bunch because he is weak but sometimes he wins too. I am learning to spell with my phonics letters, they sing and help me pronounce letters. They are so much fun I can hardly bear it.

Mary stuck in a leg lock by daddy. Mary laying on the floor playing with her phonics letter magnets.

Playing Outside With Mommy

Today Mommy and I played outside. It is getting warmer and warmer. Mommy says that this happens every year around this time. It is called a Season. Who knew?

Mary sitting in the driveway in her white floppy hat and white vest.