Monthly Archives: May 2007

Memorial Day

I went to Pennsylvania for Memorial Day Weekend. I got to fly on an airplane for the first time, ever! I didn’t see any bunnies or beavers (falling or otherwise). I saw a bunch of turkeys.

Mary in her little daisy duke shorts and country shirt with her floppy hat walking toward a big purple ball. Mary and Nana walking side-by-side.  Mary has her right hand on the back of her head as if walking the catwalk. Nana is putting a red bag over her head and Mary is reaching up for it. Mary standing behind Kailey ready to place the red bag over Kailey's head Mary looking at the camera with a pretty smile, displaying four teeth.  Uncle David, Kailey, and Aunt Sally are in the background. Mary sitting on the carpet with Ashley.  Ashley is laying on her side and it looks like they are having a discussion.  Anna Jane is in the background.

How do you get yours?

Daddy says he get’s his kix on route 66, but I get mine from the shelf under the soup with the rest of the cereal. Besides, I think he is teasing because I have seen him get his kix from me, when he thought I wasn’t looking. And I was like, all, “Hey, those kix are mine!”

Mary sitting on the kitchen floor with a box of Kix.  A handful or two of the kix have been strewn around the floor.

Tiny Dancer

I’m actually on my way to Pennsylvania right now and these pictures are from last weekend. But here is my favorite ballerina dress.

Mary standing in the hallway upstairs in a little dress that looks like a tutu.  She is pointing to the fan. Mary standing in the hallway upstairs in a little dress that looks like a tutu. She has her leg cocked sideways like she is posing.

Mmmm… Short is this One

Today I found a stick. Before I was born we used it to lock the patio door. Now it is a toy that I can play with. I have learned to pull it out of the track by the patio door seconds after mommy or daddy have put it there. I like to walk around with it.

Mary holding a piece of wood (2x2) about her size. Mary walking away from the camera with the stick in her hand.  She looks a little ungainly as she is holding the heavy stick in her hand and is a little off balance causing her to waddle a little. Mary holding the stick upright parallel to herself as if measuring herself.


Mary's transition letter saying that she will transition from 21 May - 29 May I have been given ‘my letter’ that says that I am going to transition from the infant room to the toddler room. Woo-hoo! My first graduation ceremony. And I can walk.

I’m not 100% sure how they are going to transition me over there yet though.
Mary in a plastic container at daycare looking confused.

My Ball

Over the weekend mommy and daddy took me to Toys ‘R Us and I got a ball. I really enjoy chasing it around the house, carrying it, and throwing it. Tonight mommy and daddy chased me around. I think they want to play with it too.

Mary holding her yellow vinyl ball and smiling. Mary holding her yellow vinyl ball up next to her head.


Lately, I have become fascinated with bunnies. Did you know that they hop? And they eat carrots (and the weeds in our back yard). They run really fast and you can’t catch them real easily. Maybe when I grow up and get longer legs like my mommy then I can catch them. For now I am content to chase them through the yard with the help of mommy and daddy.

I have also learned that if I open my mouth really wide mommy will put food in it. It is my signal that I am ready for another bite. Who needs this baby sign language anyway.

Mary turning away from the door walking back to mommy with her hands up, her shoulders hunched and her mouth wide open in shock. Mary holding mommy's finger with her mouth wide open in shock. Mary with her mouth wide open in shock again holding the telephone. Mary with a really goofy look on her face.

Playing in the Yard

Mommy went to Denver today so after I finished cleaning up the kitchen daddy let me play outside. It was a beautiful day.

Mary holding a towel to the front of the stove as if cleaning it. Mary laughing at the camera.  She is standing at the railing on the back patio. A close up of Mary making her look very big in comparison to the houses in the distance. Mary sitting in the grass in the back yard. Mary running in the yard. Mary crawling through the grass.  This is a close up on her face.