Waiting For Bunnies

It was rainy yesterday and there weren’t any bunnies. I missed them.

Mary sitting by the patio door looking out at the back yard.
Mary standing in the middle of the kitchen crying while mommy is bent over the counter filling something out.

3 thoughts on “Waiting For Bunnies

  1. Grandma Bridgie

    Hi Honey Doll,

    The bunnies had to get an early hop start east so they could play with you at Nana’s house. Yes, there are hopping bunnies in Pennsylvania too ! You may also see some falling Beavers in Beaver Falls. They are not so good at hopping but at least they try.

    See you soon pretty girl !
    Love , Grandma

  2. Grandma Bridgie

    Beavers are funny but they grind their teeth a lot so think they are a little self conscious about it their balance issues. It’s best not laugh t them. Especially since you are so nimble these days.
    But if the beavers and bunnies are slow to show “there is an infinite number of monkeys outside, who wants to talk to us about this script for Hamlet they have worked out.”

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