Monthly Archives: June 2007

Watermelon Laughs

I ate watermelon for dinner tonight. I have been starting to “talk” a little more lately. Mommy and daddy can’t understand me but that is because they don’t listen.

Mary smiling with her hand in front of her mouth  She looks a little evil, in a mad scientist sort of way. Mary laughing with her mouth wide open.  You can see the back of her throat.

Learning to Shop

Mommy is teaching me to shop. I am working on carrying the bag. I really like to sit down on the bottom step of the stairs. Right now it is the only seat I can reach. Daddy says that I get that from him.

Mary getting up off the bottom step through great effort. Mary holding an empty paper shopping bag.  She is tilted backwards off balance.


Just an extra picture for today. We can call this one the POTDD (picture of the daddy’s day). I celebrated fathers day with my daddy. We shared breakfast in bed and we went to the park. Tomorrow and Tuesday I will probably post a bunch of pictures from the park since I had so much fun. TTFN

Mary in her jean skirt and floppy hat, her shirt reads 'I love my daddy'