Monthly Archives: July 2007

The Great Shoe Caper

Mommy lets me play with her shoes some times. I show her how they go on your feet and then she chases me. It is great fun.

Mary taking off one of Mommy's flip-flops. Mary sitting on the floor holding mommy's flip-flops trying to put them on her feet. Mary holding mommy's flip-flops and looking back over her shoulder ready to run. Mary holding mommy's flip-flops running away from mommy.  Mommy is chasing behind.

The Saddest Bunny

How can one little girl be so sad, yet look so great? When I get sad , or tired, I like to pull on bunny’s ears. His pain, makes me happy again.

Mary standing in the middle of the kitchen in a pretty shirt/dress and crying.

They Call Me Miss Helpful

Lately I have been carrying tons of things around the house (don’t worry I always bend at the knees). I like to be helpful. Yup, if it’s a chair you need pushed from the dining room into the kitchen, a stool that needs to be moved and dropped into the entryway, or garbage that needs to be removed from the garbage can, I’m your gal.

Mommy rewards me with zerberts.

Mary carrying her Mary stool around Mommy holding Mary and blowing zerberts on her belly while Mary laughs.

Oh and then the other day I was totally telling daddy all about my day and I was trying to say the word prestidigitation (I always have troubles with that one) and suddenly I realized that my pants were down. Ooops.

Mary standing at her toy, her upper body turned towards the camera and her mouth open talking to it.  Her pants are down and her onesie is unsnapped and her diaper is off.  Mommy is behind her.


I am eating off a spoon by myself now. Mostly with pudding and yogurt. Oh! pudding is fantastic. You have to try some. Chocolate is my favorite.

Mary leaning over her chair with pudding all over her face. Mary hunched over eating pudding off a spoon. A closeup of Mary's spoon all but covering her face as she holds it out to the camera.

A Sink-ing Feeling

I played in the sink tonight with mommy and daddy. I splashed them both and they were surprised. Then I got wet too so I had to take off my play clothes. Daddy said I was running so fast I was just streaking by him.
Mary reaching forward towards the sink to play in the water. Mary pouring water on daddy's arm. Mary pouring water out of a bottle lid into the sink in front of mommy. Mary, from behind, in just her socks and shoes holding her blanket. YOu can see her bare bottom.