Monthly Archives: August 2007

New Pajamas!

I have my first set of pajamas. They are purple and that is my cousin Kailey’s favorite color. It is also my daddy’s fraternity color. And they have bunnies on them. I had to introduce Bunny Foo-Foo to my pajama bunnies. I’m pretty much a big girl now. Also, I’m starting to whistle now.

Have a great weekend!

Mary in her new purple pajamas running toward the camera, binky in mouth, and bunny in hand.

Eating Yogurt With Daddy

I really like yogurt right now. It is one of my favorite foods. Daddy makes me let him give me kisses before I can have bites. He likes to give me lots of kisses. He says it’s because I’m so sweet. Boys!

Daddy feeding Mary yogurt, Mary is looking at daddy as if to say, 'What?' Daddy leaning in towards Mary.  Mary is holding Daddy's finger. Daddy leaning in to kiss Mary on the cheek.  Mary has her eyes closed and is smiling. Mary looking up at daddy and pointing out the patio door.


I got expelled from school Monday, but then I went to a doctor and he said that it wasn’t contagious so I can go back.

A note stating that Mary is being excluded due to a skin rash. Mary sitting in a lawn chair, laid back holding a sippy-cup.