Monthly Archives: September 2007


My Aunt Corinne got me some shoes back when she was “in ‘Nam”. They finally fit and I love them. I’m wearing them to school tomorrow.

I’m also practicing trick-or-treating. Daddy is going to take me this year. Last year I was too young.



Dressing up is an adventure with me. I am trying this dress on for size. I like to see if it restricts my ability to run before I purchase.

Mary in a dress over her pants and t-shirt running, madly, away from mommy while laughing. Mary in a pretty pale green dress that is over her t-shirt and jeans.  This is a close-up on her pretty face. Mary in her pale green dress on over her pants and t-shirt.  She is crawling upstairs and you can see her rear.

Hey, mon!

Hey, I’m fitting into Mommy’s clothes now. I’m trying to get her to share her shoes with me but she won’t let me. She says that I can’t walk in heels. I say, “of course I can’t, you won’t let me practice”. Today I am modeling mommy’s Jamaica half t-shirt. It fits me very nicely.

Mary in Mommy's Jamaica t-shirt offering yogurt to the camera. Mary in Mommy's Jamaica t-shirt.  The left shoulder of the shirt is slipping down. And she has a big goofy grin on her face.

Clipping Coupons

Sorry, posts will be sporadic over the next month. It is daddy’s busy month at work.

On Sundays Mommy and I clip coupons. It is fun to save money.

Mary dropping two handfuls of coupons into mommy's lap. Mommy throwing a bunch of coupons in the air over Mary. Mary crouching down to throw coupons in the air with mommy throwing coupons behind her. Mary looking at the camera, biting her lower lip and holding her shoe in both hands.

Future Alumni

I missed Monday and Tuesday. Sorry. Blame it on my daddy.

So, right now I am practicing running and jumping. Check me out.

Mary in a Gannon University T-shirt running towards the camera. Mary in her Gannon University T-shirt looking at the camera and shrugging.