Winter Break – Mary’s Playpen

December 20th, 2006 Winter Break

Sorry for no pictures over the past few days. I was sick and then I got my mommy and daddy sick and my daddy is the one who helps me pound the keyboard to get the pictures up on my blog.

On that note, I will note be posting much for the next two weeks. I will be going to my Nana and Poppa’s to see, like, my whole family. I will try to post photos as I can but I will be terrible busy entertaining everyone.

Here are my photos for the break, I was crawling around daycare so fast yesterday that I crawled right out of my pants. You can see them in the photo below behind me.

A shot, from above, of Mary crawling in her onsie with her pants behind her. Mary on the floor pushing her upper body up on her arms, holding a ring of plastic beads in her hands, smiling at the camera, with her pants behind her over her left shoulder.

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