My First Trip To The Emergency Room – Mary’s Playpen

January 26th, 2007 My First Trip To The Emergency Room

Mary in her hospital gown in the waiting room of the hospital.  She is sitting in mommy's lap and looking back over her left shoulder. Mary standing at a magazine end table looking up and smiling.  Her hands are palm down on the table and she is looking up and smiling. I got sick at daycare the other day. My mommy and daddy got really worried because I was vomiting and had a lot of diarrhea so they took me to the emergency room. We left at around 6:30 PM and we didnt’ get back until late, like after 10:30. I think that is the latest I have ever stayed up. I was very tired.

Mary in front of mommy.  Mommy is holding her hand so that she can walk. Mary holding up a Sports Illustrated magazine. When I got there they gave me my own ‘gown’ that I got to wear around the hospital. It was a little revealing but it breathed well. While we were there I paced around the waiting room, because I heard that is what you are supposed to do. After I had enough pacing I decided to check out the magazines. You know, to have something to chew on. But most of the magazines in the waiting room were older than me. I mean, really, how am I supposed to keep up with current events?

Mary in front of a table looking directly into the camera.  Mommy is behind her looking off to the right. Mary looking at mommy with her hand on mommy's upper arm as if asking her an intimate question. Eventually we got called back and I met a nice nurse who talked with me a bit. I got a little fussy (nosey) so mommy and daddy took turns walking me around in their arms so that I could see what everyone else was there for. After I played a little the doctor came over and decided that I have the Rotavirus. It is not too serious but I have to stay home from daycare and I miss all my friends. Mommy says that I can’t go because I will catch them my cold, or something. Mommy and daddy are trying to give me lots of fluids so that I stay hydrated.

Mary on her belly on a hospital gurny.  She is looking at the camera and the hospital gown is flowing open revealing her diaper.  She looks frustrated. Mary in front of mommy looking up at her questioningly. So I stayed up vomiting last night and I am home from daycare today also. My pictures may not be as fun for the next few days. I will try to make up for it later.

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