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February 26th, 2007 Playing in the Park

I went to the park over the weekend. It was pretty fun. I got to swing on the swing. I really enjoyed that, but mommy didn’t push me high enough. I went down three different slides but I really didn’t like them too much. I liked the Army truck the best. I got to drive! It was so cool.

Mary in her pink jacket with her hood up in a little kid's swing. Mary standing on the end of a slide. Mary on the side of the spring loaded Army truck looking down as if kicking the tires. Mary in a brown toy spring loaded Army truck in the park. Mary in the brown Army truck standing up with her hands on the front handle bar.

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2 Responses to “Playing in the Park”

  1. Grandma Bridgie Says:

    You erally do like your wheels Mary !
    If you start hinting now maybe Mommy and Daddy will buy you a Porshce for your bithday !!

  2. Mary’s Playpen Says:

    [...] I went to the park with my Grandma. I’ve been there before but she came all the way from Pennsylvania to visit me so I had to take her ‘out on the [...]