Running Girl – Mary’s Playpen

April 30th, 2007 Running Girl

I am running now.  Just in time to get back in shape for bathing suit season. In this video I ran the whole length of the driveway.  Look out world, here I come… at full speed.


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3 Responses to “Running Girl”

  1. Grandma Bridgie Says:

    Sweetie – There’s a famous country western song that says it all “Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman”. In your case “…it’s hard to be a Princess”. But trust Mommy – she’s a pro. You two will run a marathon together in heels someday. You look beautiful Princess Pinkness !

  2. Grandma Bridgie Says:

    Ooops -Grandma Bridgie is old and confused . My first reply goes with the Pretty Pink Dress photos. As for your Running Girl video….I see the marathon has begun !

  3. mary Says:

    Thank you Grandma, I think that I will be able to run fast soon. So far daddy can still beat me, barely. Right now I am concentrating on walking on grass. It is deceptively hard.