Memorial Day – Mary’s Playpen

May 29th, 2007 Memorial Day

I went to Pennsylvania for Memorial Day Weekend. I got to fly on an airplane for the first time, ever! I didn’t see any bunnies or beavers (falling or otherwise). I saw a bunch of turkeys.

Mary in her little daisy duke shorts and country shirt with her floppy hat walking toward a big purple ball. Mary and Nana walking side-by-side.  Mary has her right hand on the back of her head as if walking the catwalk. Nana is putting a red bag over her head and Mary is reaching up for it. Mary standing behind Kailey ready to place the red bag over Kailey's head Mary looking at the camera with a pretty smile, displaying four teeth.  Uncle David, Kailey, and Aunt Sally are in the background. Mary sitting on the carpet with Ashley.  Ashley is laying on her side and it looks like they are having a discussion.  Anna Jane is in the background.

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