Time With Papa – Mary’s Playpen

October 19th, 2007 Time With Papa

Today’s picture is of me a year ago being “Dope”. Hah! It’s funny how fads fade away. See how silly I looked?

The rest of the pictures are from Nana and Papa’s visit, my hippo wrangling, and Trick-or-Treating. Mostly, there are pictures of me showing Papa how to stay active. Wee.

Mary in her pink track suit and a pink baseball hat on sideways.

Mary in her floppy hat with a plastic jack-o-lantern on each arm and her baby doll. Mary in her pink pajamas running away from Papa who is dressed in a tie. Mary on her Hippo drinking from a sippy cup.
Mary sitting nest to papa on the front steps. Mary sitting next to papa on the front steps, down one step. Mary sitting on the front steps with Papa all the way on the far end of the steps now. Mary running around Papa's legs while he sits on the front stairs. Papa sitting on the front steps with Mary holding her hands up to him for him to pick her up. Mary sitting to the left of Papa with her right hand up in a fist.

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