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Pictures from School

I thought I would take a little time to post some pictures of me and my friends at school. I have a lot of fun there and I learn a lot. Recently, I have learned to put on my winter coat by myself. I can throw it on the floor upside-down, then put my arms through the arm-holes and throw it up over my head and it is on. I will take a video of it so you can see.

A close-up of Mary. Mary's friends sitting around a table. Mary on a little walkway with her friends.  She looks like she is saying 'cheese' emphatically.

Future Alumni

I missed Monday and Tuesday. Sorry. Blame it on my daddy.

So, right now I am practicing running and jumping. Check me out.

Mary in a Gannon University T-shirt running towards the camera. Mary in her Gannon University T-shirt looking at the camera and shrugging.