Future Alumni

I missed Monday and Tuesday. Sorry. Blame it on my daddy.

So, right now I am practicing running and jumping. Check me out.

Mary in a Gannon University T-shirt running towards the camera. Mary in her Gannon University T-shirt looking at the camera and shrugging.

2 thoughts on “Future Alumni

  1. Grandma Bridgie

    Maybe it’s my imagination but you look a lot older all of a sudden. Could you slow down a little and stop getting older ? See there’s this time theory of relativity. Every day that you get older ages your relatives by e=mc2 light years or something. Well I’m not taking it lightly so could you just stay where you are right now ? Or maybe you could practice running backwards ?

  2. mary Post author

    I haven’t started running backwards yet Grandma. I can walk backwards and I have started practicing spinning. I will try running backwards later.

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