8 thoughts on “Coat Trick

  1. Aunt Necie

    You are soooo clever Mary. I’ll bet Mommy and Daddy are trying that trick themselves!

  2. mary Post author

    Yes! Daddy puts his coat on this way now too! It makes me laugh. I guess old doggies can learn new tricks.

  3. Debbie


    How grown up you are!! You should be very proud of yourself! I remember teaching my preschoolers to put on their coats that way. Here’s a little hint: When putting your jacket on the floor to start….put the tag (of the coat) by your toes. That way it is facing the right direction to put this on.

    Love you,
    Aunt Debbie

  4. Debbie

    I loved it. Mary is a big girl. I wans your daddy to send another one of you putting on something else by yourself.I also want to know why you were playing with you mommy’s bra in the beginning of the clip.
    Kailey turner.

  5. mary Post author


    I will try to put up more clips of the things I can do. I think that there will be one up soon of me spinning. Right now I can only put my coat on by myself but I think that I will learn how to put on more things.

    How many things can you put on? I bet a lot.

    I like to play with my mommy’s clothes. Sometimes I wear her underwear, bras and shoes. Not all at the same time. It is fun to dress up like a big girl.

  6. Grandma Bridgie

    Wow Mary,
    You are becoming a big girl like your cousins ! What a creative approach – and so much easier than laying on top of the coat the way I do (it’s getting hard for Grandma to get up off the floor again). I hope I learn more tricks from you.

  7. mary Post author

    Thank you Grandma.I think that it must be hard to get your arms in the coat if you are laying on top of it. I will let you know what else I learn. I also learned to wiggle my bottom. I will post a video of that some day.

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