4 thoughts on “Spring Training

  1. mary Post author

    Thanks Aunt Necie,

    I can already climb the rock wall at the park. I will have daddy bring a camera next time we go so I can post a video.

  2. Grandma Bridgie

    Wow Mary, You are so very very very very very very energetic ! All your treadmill training has really paid off. We better start training too so we can come play with you. Grandpa is happy to see you practicing this first day of baseball season. He says you are a great short(non)stop.

  3. mary Post author


    Daddy says that Grandpa will teach me to play baseball. I can’t wait. Daddy says that it is the only time that stealing is OK. I should also have a video of me on the treadmill soon. I was just on there tonight because it was cold today and I didn’t get to play outside.

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