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Zoo Week – Friday

On the last day of our zoo week we will see our trip to the petting zoo. I really liked the fake over-sized hollowed-out tree the best. I ran around in there quite a bit.

Mary walking in through a little door into the petting zoo. Mary and mommy walking past a large over-sized hose. Mary and mommy in the arm of the fake hollowed out tree. Mary running around the hollowed out tree. Mary walking towards the camera purposefully. Mommy and Mary sitting in an over-sized chair. Mary and mommy bent over the steel pail washing their hands from the spigot.

Zoo Week – Thursday

Today we look at the wallabies, the budgies and the mountain lions. My favorite was the wallabies, they hop like bunnies and I like bunnies. We also saw the budgies (they are really birdies). They weren’t real exciting, but one birdie landed on Mommy’s head and daddy got it off. Then it landed on my head. I think that’s how they say, “Hi.”. I’m glad they all didn’t say, “Hi.” I blew them kisses and we left. We also saw Mountain Lions. They roar, and they live in the mountains. Sometimes they walk through neighborhoods in our town.

A man sitting on a bench with a wallaby in his lap. Mary facing a rock wall with her arms in the air like she is trying to climb it. Mary bent down as if hopping. A wallaby in the bushes. A closeup of Mary blowing a kiss to the Budgies. Mary holding Sherri right in front of the Mountain Lions

Zoo Week – Wednesday

Today we look at the elephants. You can’t see them but you can see mommy demonstrating what an elephant says. I tried it but mommy and daddy laughed. Maybe I did it wrong. I will have to keep practicing.

Mommy making a noise like an elephant and holding her hand out in front of her nose to mimic an elephant. Mary looking at the camera in confusion while mommy laughs.

Zoo Week – Monday

Last week I went to the zoo and my daddy took a whole bunch of pictures (about 117), so this week will be a themed week. Each day will be a different section of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. Today is our visit with the giraffes. They had a new baby and she is much taller than me.

A closeup of the giraffe with the mountain behind him, or her. Mary feeding the giraffe a cracker.  The giraffe has his tongue out. Mary looking back at the camera screaming.  You can see the baby giraffe behind her. Mary and mommy.  Mommy has on her sunglasses and Mary is looking the other way with a squint.