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Easter 2008

Mary leaning in to the camera with her Easter basket behind her.  She is wearing a nice jacket.
Mary's two easter baskets and all her presents.
So, what have I been up to lately? Well, last week I went to our church Easter egg hunt. I found, like, five eggs and they had toys in them. I got to wear my fancy “big girl” jacket and I got to put the eggs in my special Easter basket. Later that weekend I went shopping with mommy and I got cool monkey slippers. I think that they are really nice. Mommy and Daddy both have slippers and I think that people need to have slippers for around the house. They are very “big girl”.

Mary leaning back on the couch wearing her monkey slippers.
Mary sitting on the floor handing a jelly bean to the camera.
This weekend I went to my friend Kate’s house and we colored eggs and put stickers on them. And I got an Easter basket from my friend Kate. We gave her one too! There were a bunch of the “pills” that mommy and daddy take at home. They are called Jelly Beans. I fed them to Mommy and Daddy because I want them to stay healthy.

Daddy sitting on the floor with Mary in his lap.  Both are eating marshmallow Peeps.
Mary in her Easter dress with the sweater.
This morning the Easter Bunny came! Daddy said he wasn’t sure if he came so we should sleep in until the afternoon but we went downstairs and he had come anyway. I think daddy just like to sleep. I got Peeps! They are supposed to go in your mouth and you can eat them. Daddy showed me how. I also got some barretts and I put them in my hair, with Mommy’s help. I found all the eggs that the Easter bunny hid and then I got to put on my “big girl” Easter dress and go to church.

Mary is wearing monkey slippers.  She is leaning back pushing her tummy out as if picking a wedgie. Mary with about 20 hair clips in her hair. Mary in her Easter dress.


I’m hanging out in my cool tie-dye shirt today. I got this in San Diego while I was at my Aunt Corinne and Uncle Chris’ wedding.

Mary climbing on her chair to stand at the table.

Pictures from School

I thought I would take a little time to post some pictures of me and my friends at school. I have a lot of fun there and I learn a lot. Recently, I have learned to put on my winter coat by myself. I can throw it on the floor upside-down, then put my arms through the arm-holes and throw it up over my head and it is on. I will take a video of it so you can see.

A close-up of Mary. Mary's friends sitting around a table. Mary on a little walkway with her friends.  She looks like she is saying 'cheese' emphatically.

Steelin’ Your Heart

I’m a big Steelers Fan, apparently. Today’s flashback photo is me in a basket of laundry. I guess that must be the way Mommy used to wash me. I’m glad I get to take a bath now.

2006 Mary laying in a basket of clean clothes.
Mary standing by the refridgerator kicking her right leg up in the air and holding on to the handle. Mary in a Steelers cheerleading outfit. Mary in her Steeler's cheerleading outfit, a pink hat, and Mardi Gras beads. Mary untangling her beads.  Mommy is in the foreground wearing her pink hat. Mary in her cheering outfit with pink hat and Mardi Gras beads.  She is looking pretty funky.