Moving Pictures (Shoes) – Mary’s Playpen

July 18th, 2007 Moving Pictures (Shoes)

And some video of me walking… and saying please.

P.S. If you look very carefully you can see a blueberry perched on our electrical outlet in the background. It's something I do for my fans.


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2 Responses to “Moving Pictures (Shoes)”

  1. Grandma Bridgie Says:

    Oh my goodness Mary -Grandpa and I love your latest film !!! You are amazing . Saying “please” like a perfect lady – Emily Post would be so proud . And you have already mastered the fashion runway stride. Tomorrow you’ll be running a marathon, after that you’ll be running the country ! We love and miss you.
    Your Biggest Fans

  2. mary Says:

    Thank you Grandma and Grandpa. I’m working hard at being polite.