And I’m Back

Mary sitting on the carpet looking up at the camera. Hey guys. Sorry I have taken some time off, but I have been visiting family at my Aunt Corinne’s wedding and playing with my Nana and Papa over the last month and I have been terribly busy.

A closeup of Mary in her bathing suit.We are wrapping up the year of the POTD’s. We started this around the beginning of November last year and October 31st seems like a fitting time to end this excitement. I will keep posting pictures but since I am not changing as much I will shoot for around one to two posts a week instead of one picture every workday. With this less grueling schedule of posting you should start to see some more videos instead as well.

Mary at 5 months old.
To end this escapade I will be posting larger groups of photos with a picture of me from a year ago in a, sort of, grand finale. Today’s post is of older pictures of me at school from late August along with a picture of me from late August last year. Boy I have changed. I couldn’t even walk then.

Mary and all the kids in her class running around a giant ball that squirts water out at them. Mary coming down the slide.