14 thoughts on “Crazy Jumper

  1. Aunt Kat

    ADORABLE! I’ve been waiting for her return to the big screen! She just keeps getting better and better!

  2. mary Post author

    Thank you Great Aunt Kat,

    I have been so busy visiting with family and jumping around that I haven’t been able to post. I hope to have more posts in the new year.

  3. Debbie


    I think your jumping is awesome!!! You are so big!!!!!!!! I will show this to Kailey and Ashley when they wake up. We love you!

    Aunt Debbie

  4. mary Post author

    Thanks Aunt Debbie,

    I really miss playing with Ashley and Kailey. They would probably jump with me. I call Ashley all the time on my phone that came with my kitchen and I ask “where did Kailey go?” quite a bit.

    I hope they like the video.

  5. mary Post author

    Thanks Aunt Corinne,

    My mommy and daddy disagree with your “pants are overrated” comment. “Unless”, my daddy says, “you mean that I should, instead, wear an ankle length dress that is buttoned up just under my chin”. I say, “whatever” as long as I can jump in it.

  6. mary Post author

    Thank you mommy,

    I think that I will make you nervous for years to come. And not just from my jumping.

    Just wait until I start driving!

  7. Grandma Bridgie

    Wow Miss Mary,

    What a suspenseful film !! It made me a little jumpy to watch. Do you use props , you know , like padded diapers ? Maybe “baby” does your stunts for you ? And the pants thing is a great dramatic device . It’s probably symbolic or something – huh ? Any way, so glad to see it had a happy “ending” !

    Love you dearly,

  8. mary Post author

    Hi Grandma!

    You should jump it is really fun! I’m not sure what props are except that daddy says that I should give them to him.

  9. Grandma Bridgie

    grandpa steve says

    miss mary, your jumping form is excellent!!!
    i think with a little coaching from the right person you could be doing flips in no time.

  10. Aunt Necie

    Mary Mary ! You are my kind of girl! You remind me a little of my children. No pain no gain and ALWAYS entertain!

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