4 thoughts on “Conversations with Mary

  1. Grandma Bridgie

    Hi Miss Mary,

    You sure have a lot going on at day care these days ! It’s nice that you play with everyone. And even nicer that you welcome the new children with hugs and kisses. And nicest of all that you share it all with Daddy & Mommy. Family time helps you grow strong just like yogurt.

    Thanks also for sharing with us !

  2. MaryKat Sundahl

    Sweet, Sweet Mary –
    I understood every single word! You are going to be able to hold your own with Grandma Bridgie – well, if she’ll let you get a word in edgewise of course.
    Keep those videos comin – you make my day! Great-Aunt Kat

  3. mary Post author

    Aunt Kat,

    I’m glad you understood me. Sometimes Mommy and Daddy keep asking me to repeat myself. They just don’t listen close enough.

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