10 thoughts on “Brown Bear

  1. aunt Debbie


    what a big girl and good reader you are!! We are so proud of you! We miss you!!

    Aunt Debbie, Uncle David, Ashley and Kailey

  2. Aunt Kathy

    Dear Mary,
    You are such a quick reader, just like your (older) family! I look forward to sharing lots of books with you!
    (Great) Aunt Kathy

  3. mary Post author

    Thank you Aunt Debbie. I miss you guys too! I want to read as well as Ashley and Kailey some day.

  4. mary Post author

    Thank you Aunt Kathy. Daddy says some of his favorite memories are reading with Grandma, Uncle Doug and you at Grandma Lloyd’s house. I hope we can read together sometime.

  5. Grandma Bridgie

    Wow Mary the Marvel,

    You even speed read ! We are so impressed.
    We look forward to replaying this tonight for the best beddy-bye story ever !

    Love and Miss you dearly, Dearie.
    Grandma Bridgie

    P.S. Please give Mommy & Daddy an extra Happy Anniversary hug from us !
    We’ll pay you back with extra hugs later.

  6. Great-Aunt Kat

    Omigosh! This was worth the wait! Mary, you are such a great reader! I was glued to my seat! You have so much expression at such a young age. Oh yes, and in your dance video, I saw pieces of you daddy’s moves…but you have plenty of time to clear that up. LOVE you even from a distance – Great Aunt Kat

  7. mary Post author

    Thank you Aunt Kat, sorry for the delay but it took a lot of practicing. If you liked this movie’s dancing wait until you see my next one.

  8. Nana and Papa

    Mary, what a good reader you are. You make us so proud of you. We really liked your sharing the pictures with us as you read. You add such a sparkle to our life. We miss you!
    Love you,
    Nana and Papa

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