6 thoughts on “Barbie Girl

  1. Nana and Papa

    What a dancer you are Mary. You had some very hard steps. You wore Nana and Papa out just watching you. I am so glad you took a rest. We also needed to rest when you finished. Give Mommy some applause for keeping up with you.

    Love you and really miss you lots!

    Nana and Papa

  2. mary Post author

    Thank you Nana and Papa, I have been practicing a bunch, we can dance together when I see you next so you better practice too. I miss you guys a bunch too. I still have to remind myself that you are at your house sometimes.

  3. Grandma Bridgie

    Believe it or not the rest of the country is experiencing an energy crisis – not you Lloyd Ladies !!!!!!
    You two are a force of nature . We expect to see you on Dancing with the Stars next season .
    Grandma & Grandpa

  4. Aunt Kathy

    You go, girl! Dancing Queen! Mama Mia is just as energetic as (if not more so) Miss Mary. (Sorry, I just saw that movie and loved it.) Love the pigtails, too.
    Hugs to all.

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