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Halloween Night

Daddy took me trick or treating for Halloween. I also had a parade at school. I was super excited to dress up as a bunny. Then I drove home and my friend Kate came over and daddy and Mr. Clint and Kate and I went trick or treating. It was fun. We went almost all the way up to the park and back.

Mary in her bunny costume looking a little depressed. Mary in the truck adjusting the mirror. Mary in the truck, leaning on the dashboard. Mary and Kate at the kids table.  Kate is wearing a pumpkin hat. Mary in her bunny costume.  She is sitting with Kate, who is dressed in a poodle costume.  They are reading a book.

Halloween Party 2007

We had our Halloween party this year. I was a bunny. I got to draw on our patio door with markers, and eat tons of crackers. Halfway through the party I slimed the camera with my bunny goo. You can see it in the last two pictures. Hee, hee.

Today’s flashback picture is me in my Halloween costume last year.

Mary in her monkey costume.

Mary with her hands in her pocket looking at the vacuum cleaner. Mary kicking a ball with her bunny halloween costume on. Mary sitting with Marina reading books. Mary in her bunny costume by her self looking into the bowl filled with party gifts for the kids.

Fending off the Doctor

Well, it’s been a long week and we are a few days closer to Halloween. Today’s pictures are of me in my overalls shelving some books and some pictures of me and my fruit. Today’s flashback picture is of me sleeping (Boring!).

Mary swaddled and asleep at daycare.

Mary in her overalls. Mary stepping out of the cupboard. Mary in her cupboard leaning out with her mouth open.
Mary with an apple in her mouth. Mary with a bite of apple in her mouth staring intently at the apple.

Dressing Up

Sorry I have been MIA. I got sick on Wednesday. I almost threw up on Mommy right before she had to go to work. Daddy said that he wishes he had a picture of that. Anyhow, today’s pictures are me learning to get dressed and Papa and I reading.

Today’s flashback picture is daddy holding me up (nope, still can’t walk).
Mary being held up by daddy.  She has her index finger up in the air.

Mary in Mommy's underwear and pulling a pair of pants over her head. Mary with mommy's sports bra around her neck and mommy's under wear on. Mary and Papa sitting on the couch reading books.  Papa has 10 books stacked on his lap.

Toilet Cleaner

Welcome Back. This is the final week of the POTD and we will start with some wonderful pictures of me “earning my keep” by cleaning up around the house. Last year’s picture shows me as a little baby looking surprised.

Mary from October 2006 laying on a pillow looking at the camera with a surprised expression.

Mary holding a toilet scrubber in the toilet and looking up at the camera in askance. Mary with a toilet scrub brush in the toilet and pointing up above the toilet. Mary holding the toilet scrub brush in the toilet bowl lookign up towards the camera curiously.